How do you take your mind off someone you have a crush on, but is not interested in you?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Thank you for the A2A 🙂

Short answer: You don’t have to.

Long Answer:

There are several things to consider here. Do you intend to take this crush further? Or is it just a time-pass, where you’d get some kinda gratification if you know that your crush reciprocates your feelings?

When I say ‘take it further’, I mean the real deal. Y’know, like hoping to get committed to each other, to get married, to have babies together and to grow old together. Like all the way, you know. For this, you need to know if your object of affections is single, is interested in having a relationship, is interested in you, and the rest of the story too.

From what you say in your question, it’s almost evident that he/she is clearly not into you. So you need to move on. There is no point hanging around waiting and hoping that someday they would get interested in you, only if you linger on for longer. Chances are that they might end up thinking of you as a creep. Ugh! Don’t make it so.

But that doesn’t mean you stop crushing on them 😀 That’s the very idea behind having a crush on someone. You are free to like them, to think about them, to fantasize about them, and yet, you don’t have to let anyone know about it. It’s supposed to be your very private emotion. See, when you’re in love with a person and if it’s a serious relationship (yeah, unless it is a two-way serious committed relationship, it isn’t exactly ‘love’ in my dictionary), you are expected to express your love to each other in certain ways. But when you’re crushing on someone, there is no need to do any of that. So it doesn’t really matter if you continue to think about that person. Just know and accept that this is a crush and that’s what it will always be.

It isn’t possible to reciprocate the feelings of every individual who has a crush on us. That would be mighty cheap if anybody does that. If a person you have a crush on thinks that you’re cute too, maybe they will reciprocate your feelings. If they’re not doing it, then you ought to stop expecting it. We can like any number of things/people in the world. But we cannot control their thoughts and force them or expect them to automatically like us back too, can we? Nope. We can’t. What if everyone thought like that? Hmm?

I admit, I still have a crush on my first crush. Oh, yes I do. We have both moved on in our lives and I have not talked to him in person even once. But my emotions for him still remain the same. It isn’t love. Love is a very big word. To me, to love someone would mean accepting them with all their good and bad aspects. I still don’t know his faults, shortcomings, his ‘other side’. And I don’t want to know either. To me, he is the hero of my college day fantasies. And that is what he will continue to be. Nothing more, nothing less. Having a crush is perfectly alright as long as you realize that it is just a crush.

Crushes are meant only to give you those butterflies in the stomach moments, those stolen glances, those sudden blushes, those daydreams and all that. Enjoy it to the max, I say. Why do you want to take your mind off it? ^_^

How do you take your mind off someone you have a crush on, but is not interested in you?


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