Can women live without a man?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

It’s difficult…very difficult. I don’t think I can live without a man at all. In fact, I need more than a man…I need lots of men in my life!

If not for men, who’d go out there to the wild seas and bring in fresh fish. Or who’d man the meat-shops? Male vegetable sellers are much easier to bargain with than female vegetable sellers. Ditto for all kinds of shop keepers. Women traders can be very difficult. We need men to repair our cars because if women were to do it, we’d get grease and oil in our fingernails. Eww! They are all over the place doing all sorts of odd jobs that would be awful for women to do…cleaning sewers, doing road works, sweeping streets, manning garbage trucks…bless them all! We need them to climb on electric poles and water tanks. Oh I could go on!

It’s not like we can’t do any of those things ourselves…it’s just a matter of care for our soft hands and gentle skin. Men have been given those rippling muscles and thick skin for a reason, you see 😛 They need to be put to use. Or else they would also turn into soft and gentle. And we don’t want that, do we?

Can women live without a man?


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