Would Kerala have been better off if it was a separate county?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

No, I don’t think so. It’s way too much of a risk for a state as small as Kerala to exist as a separate country. Setting aside all the chest thumping and Indian patriotism, I’d like to look at the practical side as to why this would not be a good idea. There are several factors that mar this proposition…

State Administration will become a nightmare. We now have Big Brother watching from miles away in Delhi and yet we know the political histrionics that go on daily. Imagine if we manage the state administration totally on our own…! We’d have at least 3 harthals per week!

India has an identity in the world. Kerala doesn’t…well, at least as much as India does. Think of how will affect the natives all over the world in terms of carving an identity. And think about all the people who are looking to go abroad. Come to think about it, most countries will be skeptical of allowing a visa to a citizen of a new country. So we need this identity. Period.

If all Malayalis were to live and stay in Kerala itself, we’d have to wipe out all our farmlands and trees as there simply would be no place to accommodate everyone. Our lands are still green because a lot of people have abandoned them and prefer living in concrete jungles. Thank heavens for that!

Diplomatic relations will have to be made from the scratch with the countries of the world. Unless Shashi Tharoor is made the Prime Minister of Kerala, we can be assured of making ourselves a downright fool in front of the international crowd.

If Kerala does indeed become a separate country, then it will mark the beginning of the end for the republic of India, for once Kerala is granted independence, more states will follow suit. Then there will be internal divides within states. And then we’ll effectively be back to the same condition that the subcontinent was in 1947…a collection of several tiny countries (kingdoms back then) who can’t stand the sight of their neighbor. Oh boy!

Let’s just not even think about it. It’s way too complicated.

Would Kerala have been better off if it was a separate county?


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