How much material is used in traditional Indian attire for men?

I know that Sari’s are usually comprised of yards of material. Do men wear lots of layers under their outer garments too?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Unlike the standard 9 yard saree, the length of cloth required for men’s attire differs from region to region.

Some cultures have their men sporting a standard tunic (called a kurta) and a pair of fitted cotton trousers called pajamas. Yeah, in India pajamas don’t only refer to nightwear. Nope. Kurta-pajama is a formal wear.

In my home state of Kerala in southern India, men wear a standard formal shirt and an unbleached cotton dhoti/veshtti/mundu as the lower garment. This is basically draped like a sarong at the waist.

Most of them wear the shirt to match the colored border on the mundu. Some of them prefer to wear just a plain golden bordered mundu and pair it with a shirt color of their choice. For weddings, the groom typically wears an off-white shirt and a golden bordered mundu.

A standard mundu measures 4 meters in length. It is folded in half lengthwise to make it double layered before draping it. The mundu is probably the best attire for the tropical and humid climate of Kerala. It is airy and doesn’t stifle the wearer. It is arguably one of the most comfortable attires for men ^_^

How much material is used in traditional Indian attire for men?


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