What are some ideas for Indian food items suitable for travel?

What are some make-ahead vegetarian Indian food items, which would stay good without fridge and can be eaten without re-heating.

The items I can think of are:

  1. Parathas – can be stored up to 2 days
  2. Veg pulao – up to a day.

Any other ideas please ?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

When my sister and I were children, we traveled to Mumbai from Ernakulam on a train. Our parents weren’t too sure about the food that we’d get on the train and mom made chapatis for us to have on the way. She made a pile of chapatis that day! Then she took each chapati, smeared the inside with a little ghee, sprinkled a little sugar on it and rolled it. These simple rolls were then tightly packed in airtight containers. Whenever we felt hungry, mom would give us one of the rolls. It remained fresh until we reached Mumbai (we had a couple of them left). Safe and easy on the stomach. And the kids will love it!

Curd rice is another family favorite. It stays fresh for a day and the only accompaniment you’d need is a bottle of your favorite pickle. Besides curd rice, tamarind rice and lemon rice are also great options.

Puris are also a good idea. You could pair them up with some sweet mango pickle or something.

We also used to carry plenty of plantains. They fill the stomach and taste delicious too.

What are some ideas for Indian food items suitable for travel?


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