Who do you think should be the cast (lead actor & 3 actresses) for the movie Premam (malayalam movie 2015); if it will be remade in Bollywood?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Hmm…’Premam’ in Hindi. What can it be called? Let’s tentatively call it ‘Pyar’ (d-oh!)

So the role of George requires somebody who would be able to portray three different ages without looking too out of place.

We’ve seen Ranbir Kapoor do that once in ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’. I’m sure he would do justice to the role. The only glitch is that he doesn’t have a face like Nivin Pauly that can go from childish innocence to gangsta to placid over a time frame of 3 hours.

Then again, I can’t think of anybody else who could fit in that role.

Mary has to be someone very young, obviously. She has to be able to communicate mainly with facial expressions as she really doesn’t have too many dialogues in the movie. I would choose Sanya Malhotra.

She looks very young and would fit in the school-girl image perfectly. She has naturally curly hair to match Anupama Parameshwaran’s trademark hair type. And I have a feeling that she might actually look quite cute with Ranbir.

Malar is one of the central characters of the movie and she has to look subtle and naturally beautiful at the same time. She should be somebody who can pull off a no-make-up look and yet manage to look lovely…just like Sai Pallavi. I feel Tapsee Pannu would look lovely as the guest lecturer.

She looks young enough to be imagined as a girlfriend for Ranbir and yet has a calm maturity on her face. Yup, I’d go for Tapsee as Malar.

Celine is also expected to look much younger than the 30-year old George. She has to be smart yet not flirty. I think Kirti Sanon or Disha Patani would do well as Celine.

Kirti is a bit more bubbly than Disha though.

Pooja Hegde would also be a good choice if you overlook the innate sensuousness that Pooja emanates.

Celine is not supposed to be sensuous. She is supposed to be just cute. Nothing more, nothing less.

I still haven’t recovered from the fact that it was remade into Telugu. I sincerely hope it does not get remade into any other language. Premam is one movie that really should NOT be remade. It is one of a kind and it should remain that way.

Who do you think should be the cast (lead actor & 3 actresses) for the movie Premam (malayalam movie 2015); if it will be remade in Bolly…


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