What is your favorite “Game of Thrones”ship?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

I have a few favorites…many of them aren’t really romantic in nature but I’m giving more importance to the deep bond/camaraderie the two individuals share…

Arya & Gendry

This is one pairing I really hope to happen. Though a bastard, Gendry is a Baratheon. And if he and Arya were indeed to get together at some point of time, that’d be a fulfilment of Robert’s and Ned’s promise to each other…

Tyrion & Varys

Their interactions could be aptly called ‘Clash of the Cynics’. Both are wily and shrewd and are the best match for each other. Watching them talk to each other is like watching a tennis match 😀 ‘The Road to Mereen’ was seriously one of the most enjoyable episodes ever!

I still believe that Varys is secretly a Targaryen supporter and that he’s always been protecting every surviving Targaryen. I can’t stop wondering about the fan theory that Tyrion could also be a Targaryen bastard. Hmm… :-/ Would that be the real reason why Varys risked his life to save Tyrion?

Daenerys & Daario

In the face of all the conquering expeditions and calls for ‘Dracarys’ at the drop of a hat is a cute little love story. The moments Daenerys spends with Daario reveals the young girl she is deep inside. She enjoys the attention she gets from him and the fact that he practically worships her. And full marks to all the cute gifts that Daario brings to impress the object of his affections…except the severed heads of Mero and Prendahl maybe. Maybe this is also because of the casting.

Michiel Huisman and Emilia Clarke share a crackling chemistry between them!

Tormund & Brienne

In the midst of all that tension, this scene would have brought on a smile/grin to most faces. Imagine two of the grouchiest people on the show having feelings for each other. As of now, it’s kinda obvious that Tormund fancies Brienne.

She still asks people she cares about to stay away from him.

But I have a feeling that’s about to change, if the newly released pics from the next season are anything to go by…

Jaime & Brienne

This is one relationship where friendship and a deep bonding rules over everything else. Maybe, as Cersei accused her, Brienne did harbor some hidden feelings for Jaime. But I don’t think that’s going anywhere at this point of time. I totally adore the depth of friendship these two share, what with saving each others lives and all that bickering while she was escorting Jaime back to King’s Landing.

Haha! That’s Jaime being cute with the most impossible person ever!

Theon & Yara

For all her tough talk, there was this one scene that really got at me. It’s when she tells Theon about his childhood…

“You were a terrible baby, do you know that? Bawling all the time, never sleeping. And one night you just wouldn’t shut up, screaming like a dying pig. I walked over to your crib, I looked down at you. I wanted to strangle you. And you looked up at me and you stopped screaming. You smiled at me. Don’t die so far from the sea.”[1]

Hit me right in the feels for some reason. This is one brother-sister duo I totally love on the show.

Tyrion & Bronn

Here’s to bromance of the funniest kind! 😀 When these two are on screen, it’s hard to keep up with their jibes at each other. Bronn’s loyalty towards Tyrion is amazing at several points.

It was surprising that he backed out at the Trial by Combat, but hey, you can’t deny that he acted wisely. If he did go, his brain would have been turned into mashed potato by that abomination of a man, Gregor Clegane, instead of poor Oberyn Martell’s. Probably he knew Tyrion well enough to know that even at the eleventh hour, he would find some way out of the mess.

I would compare this pair to a human version of Calvin and Hobbes ^_^

Jon & Sam

This is why I say that everyone needs a Sam in their life. If Frodo Baggins had Samwise Gamgee, Jon Snow had his own Samwell Tarly.

Sam is the kind of person anybody would love to have as their best friend. He believes in Jon unconditionally. He got Jon elected as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Sam’s affection for Jon is deep and extremely strong. I hope Sam doesn’t go back to Castle Black after becoming a Maester. His place is by the side of King Jon Snow, King in the North. What with Maester Luwin gone, Winterfell needs a new Maester. And Sam could be one of the only people who doesn’t believe in ‘You know nothing, Jon Snow’. For him, Jon’s a hero. Period.

Sam & Gilly

From a crush to pretending to be the father of her child, the relationship of Sam and Gilly is one that is unfolding like a present wrapped in multiple layers of gift wrapping, each one prettier than the one you just ripped open. In a sea of faked relationships and hate, here’s one love story that is innocent and pure.

For Gilly, this is the first man she has known other than her father. Sam is her window to a world she didn’t know existed. For Sam, Gilly’s innocence and unadulterated love and admiration for him is above anything else in this world.

The cherry on the cake was when she decided to name her son Little Sam.

If that isn’t cute, I don’t know what is! ^_^


[1] Yara Quote

What is your favorite “Game of Thrones”ship? 


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