What do you think would be the ending of Game of Thrones?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Okay here’s my fairytale ending 😛 …

1 – Daenerys will be crowned Queen of Westeros and having no children of her own, she will name Jon, her nephew, the ‘blood of her blood’, as her rightful heir.

2 – Daenerys is not going to get out of the series alive. How she dies will be something to wait and watch. I’m guessing she’d die in an eventual final face-off war with the Night King and his horde of White Walkers.

She will join Drogo and baby Rhaego in Dothraki heaven and finally be at peace.

3 – Jon will inherit the dragons and The Iron Throne, and get legitimized as a Targaryen by Daenerys.

4 – Ser Davos becomes the new Hand of the King, thereby giving some significance to the fingers he lost.

5 -Sansa and Tyrion will get back together as man and wife, and they will be named Warden and Wardeness of the North…or King and Queen of the North…whichever.

After going through hell and back, Sansa gets over her girlish ideologies of external beauty being the ultimate measure of a man’s worth. And Tyrion finally finds true love in the one woman he least expected to find it.

6 – Bran and Meera might get married…that’s not an important part anyway. Bran has bigger roles to play…like being the Three-Eyed Raven for instance. But Meera takes care of him quite well. He cannot be around people who don’t understand him.

At the moment, there is nobody who understands him as well as Meera does. So here’s keeping fingers crossed for this pairing.

7 – Theon will die…courtesy Jon. But of course!

I secretly hope Jon forgives him…but Jon has both Stark and Targaryen blood flowing through his veins…and neither houses are famous for being soft on those who have wronged them.

8 – And Yara will be crowned Queen of the Iron Islands. Will she find a lover in Dany? Or in Missandei? I don’t know. If that happens, poor Grey Worm!

9 – Arya and Gendry will get married and become Lord and Lady of Storm’s End.

Please let this happen, GRRM. Let’s make the ‘promise’ come true…pretty please!

10 – Jaime will kill Cersei and earn the additional title of ‘Kin Slayer’.

Like wow! What happens to him after that depends on what Jon thinks…I’m in favor of a royal pardon for saving the kingdom yet again from a mad monarch. Then he could either continue to be a part of the King’s Guard (which I doubt, what with him having slayed two of the monarchs he has served) or he could be asked to retire to Casterly Rock.

11 – Sam becomes Grand Maester at King’s Landing.

12 – Varys continues to be ‘Master of Whispers’.

13 – And the White Walkers will all be burned down by the dragons.

14 – The Wall gets pulled down, what with the Wildlings no longer being a threat and with the White Walkers gone.

15 – What with The Wall gone, the Brothers join the King’s army as officers, with the most trustworthy ones, like Dolorous Edd, becoming a part of King Jon Targaryen’s King’s Guard.

16 – Tormund and Brienne both become a part of the King’s Guard to the newly crowned King Jon Targaryen. Will they marry? Won’t they? We’ll have to wait and watch that too. But something tells me that Brienne is just on the verge of finally finding the love of her life in a man who worships her for all the things the rest of the world shunned her for ^_^

17 – Sansa and Tyrion plot and eliminate Littlefinger after knowing all the things he did behind the curtains…particularly w.r.t. Ned’s beheading.

Is there anyone left? I can’t think of anyone else at the moment.

Okay, all this seems too pretty to come true, knowing how GRRM has a major problem with people getting too happy at any point on the show. A girl can dream for the sky, she’ll at least land upon a star. So let’s see how much of all this actually happens…

Fingers crossed!

What do you think would be the ending of Game of Thrones?


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