Has Quora changed your life positively?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Yes it has! I’m back to the one thing I love doing…writing.

I have started and killed off at least 5 to 6 blogs. I have three manuscripts (in the initial stages of writing) lying somewhere in the mess on the top tier of my wardrobe. I have several journals, all half-way done.

So you see, I have always had a thing for writing. But my mind’s hyperactivity makes it difficult for me to concentrate on one thing and channelize all my thoughts to one subject. It keeps moving from topic to topic and I used to find it highly frustrating NOT to be able to write on a topic for more than five or ten minutes. My thoughts would wander and then whatever I’d written until then looks like rubbish.

When Quora happened to me, it gave me the option to choose what I’d like to write about at a particular point of time. Or rather, it gave me a multitude of options. The questions, to me, are like writing prompts. Each time I answer a question, it’s like I’m responding to a writing prompt thrown at me. Some days, I feel like writing about fashion and cinema. Some other days, it’d be about current affairs. On some others it’d be just plain philosophy. Quora gives me the option to choose subjects according to my mood.

Writing is my way of ‘artistic expression’, like how painting is to an artist. Yes, I do get backlashes for what I’ve written. My answers have gotten collapsed for many reasons. I take them all in my stride as I am not here for fans, upvotes or popularity anyway. For me, writing is fun. And I’m just having a lot of fun on here 🙂

I have also learned a lot about other cultures and about how people actually live in other parts of the world through answers written by them. And the biggest plus that Quora has had on my life is that it has effectively weaned me away from other social media sites almost completely. Now, I spend almost all of my time online on Quora, on Wikipedia, on all sorts of information loaded sites, and on my blog. This means that my brain is getting ample exercise thinking about things that are useful rather than being forced to look at what’s going on in my friends’ lives on their Instagram feed, despite knowing the truth behind all those pictures of people with fake smiles.

Quora has been a like a gust of fresh air let into a moldy attic. Period.

How did Quora change your life?


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