What are some good Indian movies that should be watched in their native language only?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Many movies lose their essence when they get dubbed or remade. The dubbed versions are the saddest. The dialogues don’t make sense, the jokes don’t sound funny and the songs sound terrible.

A perfect example of this is the Malayalam movie ‘Manichitrathazhu’.

Directed by Fazil, this movie continues to be one of Malayalam cinema’s best movies ever. It won several awards, including a National Award for Best Actress for Shobhana for her portrayal of the main female protagonist, Ganga, in the movie.

It was remade into other languages later but none of them attained a cult status as Manichitrathazhu did, despite being commercial successes. So it’s obvious that the Malayalam version had that certain something that the other versions didn’t.

There are several movies in Malayalam that ought to be watched in Malayalam only because the story is taking place in Kerala. The situations and dialogues would reflect the culture and traditions of Kerala, and would make no sense if they get dubbed into other languages. The mannerisms, the tongue-in-cheek jokes and the stuff we find hilarious may not find the same appeal elsewhere.

It’s a good thing they ‘remade’ Premam into Telugu, and Thattathin Marayathu into Tamil.

Most of the best parts of the original were completely lost in the remakes but it’s better than having them dubbed. No! Just NO!

Here a few of my top picks of ‘Do-Not-Touch’ movies from Malayalam…






Similarly, there are many Tamil movies that would look and sound so out of place if they were to be dubbed into other languages, especially the movies based out of a village environment.

Viraasat’ and ‘Dayavaan’ was able to do some justice to the stellar ‘Thevar Magan’ and ‘Nayagan’ but any Tamilian who has watched both version would tell you with conviction that neither Viraasat nor Dayavaan were able to capture the richness of the story that was depicted in Thevar Magan or Nayagan.

I sincerely hope none of these ever get dubbed into any other language which does not understand the culture of Tamil Nadu…

Mudhal Mariyaathai

Michael Madana Kama Rajan


Kannathil Mutham Ittaal

Most of these got dubbed into Telugu, though. But let’s just stop it at that…please!

My suggestion…watch them in the original language with subtitles if you want to enjoy the dialogue delivery and the finer nuances that make these movies a visual treat no less.

What are some good Indian movies that should be watched in their native language only?


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  1. ChaosSplit says:

    I would just like to say that yes, dubbing destroys the original meaning and flavour of the malayalam language a which cannot be replicated in another…however you said that it was a good thing that Premam and Thattathin Marayathu were remade – but don’t you think that remakes are just as bad because they were remade to suit the tastes and understanding of a completely different audience? I was very unhappy with the remake of Premam. The acting was average at best, the plot was masalafied and the charm and beauty of the essential Malayali background in Premam was lost.
    I would suggest “Nammuku Paarkan Munthirithoppukal” to watch by the way, its an excellent movie, by Padmarajan.


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