Is menstrual blood impure, as it is considered in Indian culture?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:
That depends on whether you think of urine, feces, ear wax, snot, mucus, etc. as ‘impure’.

Contrary to all the hullabaloo regarding menstrual blood, I view it only in that way. It is a body waste. Plain and simple. And it is still a body waste whether it is an Indian woman that’s menstruating, or if it’s an American woman, or a Chinese woman, or an African woman, or any woman on the face of this earth. Even some animals menstruate. That is also body waste.

Now to the part why menstruating women aren’t traditionally permitted to go to temples…this is because temples are considered to be the house of God. Imagine you have a body waste getting ejected out of your body with every cough, sneeze, or even movement. That would not be a very clean arrangement, would it? Why do people take a bath and wear clean clothes when they go to a temple? Why do they wash their feet before they enter a home? Because cleanliness is a BIG deal in Indian culture, so to say. Ancient folk just could stomach the idea of a woman oozing body waste from her body visiting such a sacred, clean and pure place as a temple.

I hate the way the media and some factions of society have chosen to twist the whole thing into some religious mumbo-jumbo and made a mountain out of a molehill. Impure menstrual blood indeed! Gawd! And just one mention of this and you have chest thumpers bellowing for women’s rights and stuff. And I’m like…wow! That escalated quickly! From cleanliness/personal hygiene to women’s rights. Amazing!

Is menstrual blood impure, as it is considered in Indian culture?


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