What are the three most powerful words in the English language?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

I’d vouch for the words SORRY, I and HOME…three words that (at least to me) are extremely powerful in their own right.


Did you know that this simple five letter word is one of the most difficult words to use for most people. People do not like to admit that they are wrong. Most would rather sever the relationship rather than admit that the mistake was on their side. Ego and pride stand in the way of admitting to one’s mistake. Many people think that it is demeaning to apologize, when in reality, it is one of the most powerful things to do. Not everyone has the courage or the will power to be able to walk up to someone and say the word ‘sorry’ from the heart. To be able to say it from the heart is very important. Many people say sorry just like that. They upset somebody’s pile of books and a hasty sorry quickly follows. Or when they accidentally run into someone vaguely familiar but they can’t remember correctly and they’d be like ‘I’m sorry but I don’t remember your name’. That usage of sorry is very different from the one said when you have screwed up royally and decide to walk up to the person you have hurt, look them in the eye and say ‘I’m sorry’.

Personally, I don’t use sorry unless I really really mean it. Among the three golden words we learnt at kindergarten, I still use ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ at every opportunity. But ‘Sorry’ is used only when I really am sorry for what I did.


I is not just an alphabet. It’s a word. It’s an emotion. It stands for what most people consider to be the most important thing in existence. The very idea of ‘I’. I am this…I am that…I will do this…I won’t do that…I don’t deserve this…I am a hero…it goes on an on. Depending on what each individual chooses to add after ‘I am’, the rest of the life of that individual gets decided. It’s totally left to each person to add what they like…I can do it…I am a failure…I will succeed…I am useless…

‘I’ basically decides the life of a person. If this isn’t powerful, I don’t know what is.


And how many times have we all heard this? ‘Home is where the heart is’. Everyone needs a home – man or animal. And a home is not just a two-storied building with a driveway and a post box and a well maintained lawn. No. That’s just a house. To make a house into a home, you need love and warmth and laughter. You need a family. You need people who love you. You need people who don’t judge you. You need a place where you are permitted to be yourself…completely yourself. The concept of home can mean different things to different people. For some, they turn every house they live in into a home, irrespective of the country. Some people feel like nomads in another land and their heart yearns for the home they grew up in. For some people, there is just one meaning for home – their native land. When people ask me where I’m heading to in the summer, I always say ‘I’m going home’ ^_^ When I say that, there’s this sudden inexplicable warmth that comes flooding into my heart and I find myself beaming my best smile. Maybe it’s because of all the fond memories I have. Maybe it’s just plain unadulterated love.

To me, ‘home’ is an ideology…an emotion…a binding force that ties an invisible string to our pinky toe and makes us want to go back every single time.

What are the three most powerful words in the English language?

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