What was your favorite childhood snack?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Ah! Childhood snacks! Strangely though, I refused to limit them to just my childhood…I eat them even now and I don’t care if the world chooses to judge me on this.

Having grown up in a typical south Indian family, our snacks were usually stuff that our parents and their parents used to have in their childhood too. Even though we grew up outside India, Mom used to see to it that we enjoyed whatever ‘Indian’ness that was possible with the limited options available, food habits being one of them. Every evening, she used to prepare one random snack item for us and she’d bring it to our study table to munch on while we did our homework 🙂

Being from the state of Kerala, most of the snacks I’m going to list out will be familiar to Malayalis more than others…

Avalose podi with sugar

Ada (made with rice flour and a filling of jaggery and desiccated coconut)


Jaggery with coconut slices

Raw mango slices with a dip of chili powder mixed with coconut oil

Boiled Bengal gram with coconut slices


Aval nanachathu (flattened rice mixed with coconut and jaggery)

Jackfruit chips

Kozhukkatta (steamed rice balls with a filling of jaggery and coconut)

Diamonds (diamond-cut wheat sheets covered with crystallized sugar)

Pappadam and coconut slices

Mayapodi (we used to get this from a nearby temple back home and this was a vacation favorite)

Ellunda (black sesame seed balls with jaggery as the binder)

Chakkapothi (made with rice flour and jackfruit preserve)

Manga thera (dried mango pulp sheets and rolled up)

Pazhampori (Banana fritters)

Undampori (deep fried balls of a mix of wheat and jaggery)

Onion bajji

Potato bajji

Bread bajji

I just noticed that it’s lunchtime in India right now 😀 Sorry for all the drool, guys! 😛

What was your favorite childhood snack?


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