What’s something you don’t “get”?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

The present generation’s fixation with sexual orientation.

No, seriously. This is something I just don’t get. And I don’t think I’ll ever ‘get’ it either. For instance…

  • If two guys are best friends and live in a shared room…They must be gay.
  • If two girls are best friends and live in a shared room…They must be lesbians.
  • If a woman appreciates another woman’s appearance…She must be a lesbian.
  • If a guy says that another guy looks handsome…Is he gay?
  • If a woman walks on the street holding another woman’s hands…Looks like lesbians.
  • If a guy wears a pink shirt…Ooh! Gayyyy!
  • If a guy/girl doesn’t want to have a romantic relationship…Hmm…he/she must be gay.
  • Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) is gay

Like what is wrong with everyone? A guy in a pink shirt is gay??? Like seriously? Why do you even care who sleeps with whom? And why isn’t there any guilt/shame associated with discussing and judging somebody’s very private life any more? And people just arrive at their own judgements and conclusions based on what they perceive as ‘signs’. Disgusting!

The other day, somebody I know was talking about one of her colleagues who is a bachelor at 55. And he isn’t romantically involved with anyone either. And she was like “Can you believe it? He doesn’t even have a girlfriend! I’m sure he’s gay.” So, as per current ‘norms’, it doesn’t matter if you have limbs or a brain…if you don’t have a girlfriend/boyfriend of the opposite sex, you automatically become a homosexual. Like wow! People are scared to make any kind of body contact with people of their own sex, lest they be branded as something they’re not.

During the shooting of Dangal, actresses Fatima Sana Shaikh and Sanya Malhotra got very close to each other and spent a lot of time together. And they remained thick friends even afterwards, posting plenty of pictures and videos together on social media sites. In one of the post release interviews, Sanya told the reporter that people used to ask them if they were dating each other. I felt sick in the stomach when I heard that. Like how awful would that have sounded to the girls? Can’t two girls be just friends any more? When I was growing up, two girls could very well be friends without any fear of being branded lesbian. This entire attitude is appalling!

One guy on Quora once asked me if I’m a lesbian because I said I like Vidya Balan. I rest my case.

What’s something you don’t “get”?


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