What is a common Indian’s view about Arundhati Roy?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

I didn’t know that one of my favorite authors had a different side to her until I read some of her comments being reported by news channels.

Arundhati Roy has always been the creator of one my favorite books – The God of Small Things – and that is what she will continue to remain. I do not agree with her political statements and I don’t think that it’s right on my part to expect that all the authors I like should share my viewpoint on various issues, social and otherwise. She is an author…a brilliant one. And I can never not love the universe she brought to life in ‘The God of Small Things’. But I won’t agree with every word she says outside of her literary works.

There are several authors like that. I love their works, but I don’t agree with their political views or with their lifestyles or whatever. But then again, that’s none of my business. If I like their books, I’ll buy them, I’ll read them and I’ll enjoy them. That’s about it. Nothing more, nothing less. If I say that I like an author, that does not mean that I worship them. It just means that I like their works. That’s all.

What is a common Indian’s view about Arundhati Roy?


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