What fascinates you?

For me it’s the sky, I could stare at it forever. 2nd would be other peoples point of view and how it got to be so.

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Being a perpetual dreamer, there’s an entire plethora of subjects that fascinate me and (going by the description of the question) I could go on thinking about it or researching it or even just staring at it (as the case be) for hours on end.

Night skies

A clear night sky is the ultimate entertainment window for me. I love sky gazing at night and trying to identify different constellations. Living in a city, it’s very difficult to be in a zone without any artificial lighting at night so that I could drink in the beauty of a star studded sky on a clear night. The moon is the probably the only thing I have gazed at almost as much as I have gazed at my mother’s face. I love how it just hangs in there basking in the reflected glory of the sun and yet looking so breathtakingly beautiful.


A true-blue Keralite that I am, I love the rains. To watch the rain drops do a race on the window of a moving car was one of my childhood past-times. The way rain droplets form those bulging drops on window panes and the way the scene beyond is seen in a minuscule way within the drop just before it falls down…the smell of wet earth…the glistening green leaves all around…the slow rumble of thunder…just about everything related to the rains is fascinating.

Anything that glitters


I am a sucker for glittery things. Maybe I was a magpie in an earlier birth. It’s not the metallic shine that I am attracted to. It’s glitter. Glittery dresses, glitter powder, glittery jewelry, anything. When I see something glittery, my eyes light up 😀

Royal history

It’s not restricted to Indian royalty. I read up a lot about British royals, Egyptian royals, the Ottomans, Chinese royals, ancient Roman kings. I love to know more about the kind of lives they led, the way they all lived, the luxuries they enjoyed, etc. This also probably explains why I spend so much time wandering around by myself when we visit historical places. I gaze at throne rooms and exhibits of weapons and garments that the royals once wore. In my mind, I am subconsciously transforming the run-down place into all its erstwhile glory. Gives me goosebumps!


Yes, names fascinate me. Especially those that I am hearing for the first time. I go to great lengths to find out the origin behind the name and its meaning. Of course I could just ask the person but I don’t. I prefer to find it out myself. It’s more exciting that way.

Linguistic similarities between two totally different languages

I believe this started when I came to know the number of loan words in Malayalam from Portuguese…or the other way round. Copa means bowl/cup in both languages, and Mesa means table in both languages. There are so many more. This kinda triggered my romance with this topic. I used to spend hours gazing at Wikipedia pages for basic phrases in several languages to see if any common words exist with any Indian language. It’s pretty much pointless to many people, but it’s very interesting to me.

Mumbai city

Ah Mumbai! The only other city in India that I love just as fiercely as I love my own hometown. Everything about Mumbai is fascinating. The people, the culture, the food, the attitude, the glamour…everything! I have lost count of how many times I would have been to Mumbai, but every time, it takes my breath away ^_^ What I have for Mumbai is something beyond mere fascination.

I guess that about sums it up. There are more actually, but those are private *wink* ^_^

What fascinates you?


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