What is the biggest, most popular fear in the universe?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:


I think that is the one single thing that everyone knows lies ahead of them at some point, and yet they fear death all their life. People do all sorts of things to escape death or to put off death until later. Everyone knows that everyone will die some day, but death is something nobody is prepared for.

Humans never get tired of living. When they diagnosed with some disease, they wouldn’t mind eating a palm full of tablets if they would be able to put the disease under check. When people lose an organ functionality, they frantically search for replacement organs from elsewhere so that they continue to live.

Hope and love are the two emotions that make us fear death the most. Even when they know that there is no escaping death, people still have hope that a miracle will occur and death would be put off for later once more. And why do they hope so? Because of love. And because of unfulfilled desires arising out of that love. It could be for anything or anyone. It could be love towards a person or a number of persons. It could be love towards some material things (less likely). It could be anything. But as long as love and hope stay strong in our hearts, the fear of death always looms large.

People who have lost much, who have become disillusioned with life, who don’t see the point behind living any more…those the ones who seem to ‘embrace death’. It’s not that they are not ‘afraid’ of death. But to them, death is an escape route. An easy way to give up on life.

And who doesn’t fear death? Humans fear death. Animals fear death. Birds and insects fear death. So I feel that death is (quite arguably) one of the biggest and most popular (?) fears in the universe.

What is the biggest, most popular fear in the universe?


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