What are some things that look easy but are difficult?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Telling people exactly what you feel. And I mean exactly what you feel. Even if you absolutely despise someone, you might have to behave civilly with them and even compliment them on that dress they’re wearing, even if you think they look like an ostrich in high heels. (No offence meant to ostriches) Or even if you start getting jittery and your heart threatens to jump out of your chest when you see that special someone, you might have to behave like they don’t affect you at all. *sigh*

Stifling a yawn. Especially the ones that are transferred by seeing someone else yawn. Or the ones that come unwarranted during afternoon board meetings. *yawn*

Losing stubborn fat. You might lose weight everywhere else except that one place you want it to go from. Ugh!

Training your cat to do anything. It’s not like training a dog. Oh boy! And don’t believe all those YouTube videos that make it look like a breeze. It’s a farce!

Applying nail color without accidentally applying some onto the skin. Hands up if you have a bottle of acetone and a cotton bud handy while applying nail paint 😀

Getting the salt perfectly right the first time while cooking. Nope, you have to add a bit, then check. Too less. Add some more and check. Still less. Add a little more. Ack! Thoo! >.< Too salty! Add water…or whatever corrective measures are needed. Repeat step 1! *facepalm*

Being a regular contributor on Quora and not receiving a single disciplinary action from the mods. Accept it folks, we all get carried away at times. Hats off to those who’ve never been slapped with a BNBR notice 😀 You guys deserve a Nobel Peace Prize or something 😀

Writing a love letter to yourself. We had to do this as a part of a Personality Development Program back at college. We were asked to write love letters to ourselves highlighting why we fell in love with…umm…the person we’re writing to. We all thought it’d be a breeze. Because we were all so ‘lovable’ you see. But when we actually sat down to do it, most of us were tongue tied. Suddenly, we found nothing exactly ‘lovable’ about us. I remember I took three days to write a shoddy letter to myself. I swear that if somebody had given me such a letter, I’d have been terribly depressed 😛

Ignoring Sean Kernan on Quora. You could just fiddle with the settings and turn off notifications from the guy. But you can’t. You just…can’t. It’s like he has put a spell on that ‘mute’ button on his profile. Cursors seem to jump elsewhere when people try to take it near the Mute button 😛 For the record, I’m not ‘following’ him, but every morning when I open my Quora news feed, it’s one of his answers or blog posts that magically appear on the number 2 position in my Quora feed. And I’m not complaining ^_^

What are some things that look easy but are difficult?

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