What is something that people assume about you that is laughably wrong?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

That I am a sensitive and sentimental soul.

I’m not. I’m way tougher that what I appear to be. But I must admit that I let the image stay. Some people just might get a bit rattled if they knew the truth 😛 True I have emotions and feelings and all that. I’m human enough…just. But once I decide to chuck a person out of my life, it’s forever. And I know the meaning of the word ‘forever’, I assure you. Even if the person falls at my feet pleading to take them back, it’s not happening. Once I flush them out of my circle, they are as good as dead to me. And I don’t deal with dead people…meaning that I don’t give second chances in relationships of any kind. Nope. That’s me being Lady Stoneheart 😀

That I’m a classic example of a ‘lady’.

*Sigh* What do I say? Let’s say I’m a lot like Rose from ‘Titanic’.

Just because I’m a lady most of the time, that doesn’t imply that I don’t know how to be naughty and to have some fun. My idea of fun may not be the same as yours, but I have enough stuff up my sleeve to be able to surprise those I wish to surprise 😀 Most don’t know this because I don’t choose to surprise them at all and let them live with their false notions about me ^_^

That I’m a trained dancer.

This is mainly because of my eyes.

People tell me I have expressive eyes and they automatically assume that I must have studied Indian classical dance. Uh, no guys. I am a terrible dancer and my eyes are good only for glaring at people or for sweeping them off their feet when I want to 😛

That I have body image issues.

Oh I get advices galore from every Mary, Jane & Susan (my attempt at the female version of the ‘Tom, Dick & Harry’ phrase…never mind!) about my body, assuming that I’m trying and failing at diet plans. I tend to lose and gain weight based on my geographical location. So when people see me after a while, I look different from what I looked like the last time they saw me. This pushes them to think that I’m trying some desperate stuff with my body. And they think it’s their moral responsibility to advise me about what would probably be good for me. Dear everyone, I am perfectly at ease with my body and I DO NOT DIET! The day I feel uncomfortable with my body, I will let y’all know. Thank you very much.

That I’m a party animal.

I’m not. I’m a nerd. Period.

And will probably be the spoilsport at every party I go to. I’m the character that sits in dark corners at parties I have been forced to go to, sipping on a glass of coke and looking bored as hell. I’d rather be at home reading or drinking a cup of hot chocolate.

Stop inviting me out, people. You’ll regret you ever did.

All this and so much more…. I’m such a misunderstood soul, I tell you *wink* 😉

What is something that people assume about you that is laughably wrong?


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