How do Hindus feel about tattoos?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

I think they’re pretty cool! Though I’m too chicken to get one myself :-/

Did you know that Hindus sported tattoos way before they go so popular the world over?

They were all green in color and made with some natural permanent ink. They didn’t have those fancy guns back then and tattoo artists used to make them using pin pricks one by one. So the tattoos were also not as elaborate or aesthetically appealing as they are today.

Many people sported an Om symbol. Some has swastik. Some had the courage to have full images of Gods…crude ones, yes. But I’m sure they must have been extremely painful to get. My grandmother’s brother had an image of Lord Shiva on his chest. One of our servants had some weird pattern on the upside of her palm comprising of some dots and symbols.

For some people, it was a mark of social status. For some, it was a mark of their caste. For some others, it was like an offering to God as a means of thanksgiving for favors received. It was  seldom sported as a fashion statement and hence was not subjected to societal judgement…well, at least not as much they are judged today.


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