What are your unpopular or controversial opinion regarding Indian history and Indian culture/religion?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

  • I don’t endorse the idea of ‘Indian culture’. There is no such thing as ‘Indian culture’ whereby you have a bulleted lists of things to do and things not to do. Unlike other nations, India is a land of diverse cultures and things change when we move from one region to another, from one community to another. Measuring the rights and wrongs of other communities keeping one’s own community as a yardstick is a pointless exercise. What’s culturally right for you may be culturally wrong for me. This cultural generalization has to stop.
  • Indian history is not only comprised of stuff that happened in the north of the Deccan plateau. The region south of it also existed and we too had a history. How much of it is given importance? Every 7th grader in India knows about the Battle of Panipat and Jhansi Ki Rani and all that. How many of them know about Velu Thambi Dalawa? Or about Veerapaandi Kattabomman? About Mamangam? This regional supremacy has to stop.
  • The entire story of Onam and it’s association with Kerala is a farce. The longest standing one in history, perhaps.
  • Onam is not the Malayali New Year. It’s rather comical to see people wishing each other Happy New Year on Onam. Vishu is the Malayali New Year. Duh!
  • As long as there were no atrocities committed in the name of caste, I don’t see anything wrong in the caste system. And to be honest, it is something that may be eradicated from government papers eventually, but it can never get erased from people’s minds. This is something I staunchly believe in. Probably that’s because I’m an FC. That’s not my fault that I was born into an FC family. But for better or for worse, I was born thus and I can only think accordingly.
  • I don’t believe in altering centuries-old customs in the name of equality and all that mumbo-jumbo that people are talking about. Case in question, the entire Sabarimala issue. Each temple has its own traditions and customs. It’s not fair to meddle with them just because you can… and because India is a democratic country. In Kerala (and generally in south India), people do not cover their heads when visiting a temple. But when we visit the Golden Temple at Amritsar, don’t we all cover our heads to abide by the rules of the place? How come nobody is asking questions there? Hypocrisy much? Hmm? What if south Indians who visit there refuse to do so saying that it’s not our culture? We’d be asked to leave the premises if we aren’t able to follow the customs. If anybody has an issue with the customs of a particular place, they could always refrain from going there instead of imposing what they think is right.

    Subham Mal suggests this edit and I wholly agree→

    (in Rajasthan there is a brahma temple were married men are not allowed. Talk about equality huh!? There are temples in Rajasthan where married men are not allowed. So please stop protesting against this)

  • I don’t think adding your community name as your surname is an unforgivable offence or that it is regressive in any way. The ones who complain about it are just being overwhelmed by an unnecessary inferiority complex. The ones who keep it don’t throw airs about it, but the ones who don’t keep their surnames feel that they do… and spew hate.
  • I have never been a blind supporter or fan or follower of Mr. M.K. Gandhi. I have my own reasons. I don’t discuss it in public as it is likely to hurt the sentiments of a lot of people who consider him like a God. So let’s just leave it there.
  • I think people who pray loudly and create a ruckus with their chanting at places of worship are a major disturbance to others. Your screams will not reach the heavens above, for God’s sake! What’s the point in getting so violent? Calm down! 😡

Right. Go on and hate me. This is the way I am. I’m not for any fights or arguments or clarifications for what I’ve written. My thoughts and opinions are my own, and I don’t force or expect anyone else to follow them.

What are your unpopular or controversial opinion regarding Indian history and Indian culture/religion?


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