Why are religious stories not called “mythology”?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Hmm… mythology. A word I hate with a certain passion. Each time I see it being used, I feel a sense of anger bubbling within me.

The word ‘mythology’ originated from several European languages with the root word ‘myth’ which is basically a study of some kind of folk stories which were not true and intended only for imparting moral lessons.

According to those who call everything ‘mythology’, anything and everything that does not fit somewhere into their fixed time frame is a ‘myth’… as in it never even existed. The White Man (generic term not specific to any particular country) set out on mass expeditions to conquer the world and came into contact with several civilizations different from his own. He had fixed ideals about the overall history of the earth and its people. When he came into contact with other civilizations who told him about their historical stories that went back thousands of years, he could not digest it. How could the findings of his scientists be wrong? It was just not possible. It should not be possible. All these people are telling lies. As per him, the Mayans, the Aztecs, the Indians, the Mesopotamians, the Egyptians, the Chinese… they were all lying. As opposed to his tiny time-frame of events, these people were talking of incidents that happened several thousand years ago. When humanoids supposedly walked the land of the White Man, other civilizations had full fledged cities with intricate drainage systems and well-ordered governments with plenty of gold and riches. It all seemed unbelievable to the White Man who could not stomach the idea of any race being superior to his own in any way. So he decided that he would label their history as ‘folk stories’ thereby making only his version of history as the legitimate one. This was imposed over centuries and became the accepted version over time.

There was a dialogue in an Indian movie that roughly translates to → If a lie is told a thousand times, it becomes the truth.

This is exactly what has happened to our ancient history. They were called religious mumbo-jumbo and people refused to believe it… and most modern youngsters think it’s cool to say that ancient history was all made up and that none of it is true. Everyone follows what the White Man wanted. Why do you think the Gregorian calendar is officially followed the world over? Why do you think the months are divided into twelve with 30 and 31 days? I am a Hindu from the state Kerala in India. I know that we have a calendar of our own based on the phases of the moon. Our months are of varying durations depending on the moon. Ours is not the only Hindu calendar. There are many types of calendars and each one has scientific and astronomical backing to prove its authenticity. Muslims have their own calendar. But are any of those accepted? No. Why? Because the White Man thinks that they are all mythological nonsense. Yeah right. -_-

I do understand that some stories may seem too unreal to believe. But how can we judge the existence or non-existence of something without any proof? People say that such things didn’t exist. How do you know? Those were different times. We have lofty theories about how the world came into being and stuff. I know scientists have lengthy explanations to give to prove why they think that their theories are perfectly true. They could be. But has anyone witnessed these? No. Has anyone seen evolution taking place? No. Has anyone seen the ‘Big Bang’? No. So we are also making some huge assumptions here. There is no guarantee that tomorrow another great scientist would not come along and say that it was all false.

Just think about something relatively recent… dinosaurs. They don’t exist now but people believe that they did. If it were not for those fossilized bones, people would not have believed it. You’re talking about animals as big as buildings prowling the earth. Who’d have believed? But the bones. The White Man certified that the bones are proof that some really big animals existed and later vanished.

Thee are several such proofs from ancient history of several civilizations. But are they accepted? No. They are all called mythology or man-made stuff or folk-tales. Only the history of the White Man is perfectly chronicled and acceptable. What the world has witnessed and meekly accepted is racial supremacy at its worst. Any history that is not their own became ‘mythology’. And to make matters worse, they attached each story to a specific religion thereby adding the ‘regressive thought’ tag to it too. Nice! -_-

I could get more specific but those are dangerous regions to wade into. I shan’t go there. But I guess you got the drift. I respect the history of every civilization – no matter how far-fetched it may seem to my mind. The world back then was a very different one from the trash dump world we are living in right now. I don’t see any reason to disbelieve anything that is written in ancient texts about how the world was back then. Then why would I call it ‘mythology’? They’re not myths. They are slices of history. This is what I believe in.

Why are religious stories not called “mythology”?

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